Microsoft is expanding its premier operating system, Windows 10, to smartphones, tablets, PCs and the Xbox One when it launches sometime within the next six months.

Microsoft has announced on its official Windows website that Windows 10 would be arriving this summer in 111 languages and almost 200 countries. This release will bring the OS over to modern PCs and smart devices, most notably the Xbox One. Windows 10 marks the return of the start menu, which many Windows 8 fans were hoping to see. This also marks the debut of the new Spartan Browser, which is going to be Microsoft's new in-house browser after officially putting Internet Explorer to bed. This Spartan Browser will integrate with the Cortana digital assistant. Tencent has recently announced that League of Legends will be one of the first games to be ready for Windows 10 upon its release to the public.

We should note that Microsoft is planning to have cross-play functionality for a lot of the online games that are coming to both Windows 10 and Xbox One. Furthermore, Microsoft will be bringing the Xbox Live service over to Windows 10. Unfortunately, we're not sure what kind of new additions will the Xbox One actually get from Windows 10's debut. We're glad to see that the Big M is pulling down the curtain between console and PC gaming in such a manner and can't wait to see what the connectivity between Windows 10 and the Xbox One will bring in the future.