I love Where’s My Perry?. I hadn’t even played Where’s My Water?, but I got this immediately and it’s an instant favorite. It’s a puzzle game that gives you time to look at the board and plan your moves, but subtle enough that you’ll start to dream of potential moves for those tricky levels.

Agent P (from "Phineas & Ferb")  is stuck in a tube and the only way to send him through the next tube is to pour enough water into it to shoot him through to the next level. So there’s a water supply somewhere on the level, and you’ve got to dig a path through the dirt to guide the water to Agent P. Of course there are obstacles and every board configuration offers a new challenge. Infinite possibilities; they could add downloadable content for years if they wanted to.

Where's My Perry?

There are also optional goals. In addition to Agent P, there are three gnomes on each level that need to be hydrated. You just know I’m replaying every level until I’ve filled all three gnomes and gotten Agent P to the next tube.

It’s a physics game with the seemingly simplest rules, and ultimately an enticing challenge. Water flows down, but there are lasers that can turn water into steam. Sometimes you need to make steam fly up, and carve the right path for it. Sometimes you just need to avoid the lasers because you need the water flowing down, not floating up.

There can be pipes that send water to different areas. Really you want to just look at the game board and plan a strategy. I’ve found myself digging from the bottom up, setting up my tunnels and only cutting to the surface at the end so my water is ready to go where I want it. I’m sure there are bonuses for faster solving, and characters will make comments if you take your time, but I’m fine with that.

Where's My Perry?

Some boards are so sensitive, you really want to trace with a steady finger. One wrong dig and you could ruin the trajectory. And this is early in the game. In later levels it only gets more intense. You’ll be tracing dirt paths on your iPad like a driver in The Wages of Fear carrying nitroglycerine over a rope bridge. So far this was only in my obsessive need to get all three gnomes. I could have passed the level with Perry and two gnomes without my Wages of Fear mindset.

Also, this game is adorable. The graphics are lovely, and Agent P makes funny faces as he waits for you to get him his water.

Where's My Perry?

Where’s My Perry? is my type of game. It can be a stumper that has me thinking for hours, but I’ll always know I’m onto something. I’ll never be frustrated by random fails. I’ll either solve the puzzle or still be looking for the answer.


App Store Link: Where's My Perry? for iPhone & iPad | By Disney | Price: $0.99 | Version: 1.0.5 | 48.0 MB | Rating 4+

8.5 out of 10 arcade sushi rating