It's not a sappy love song. Where is my heart? is a retro-esque platformer.

Joystiq reports that Denmark-based Die Gute Fabrik will finally be releasing its breakthrough title, Where is my Heart?, later this week. Where is my Heart? originally came out on the PlayStation Network back in 2011, with a 2012 release planned. For nearly two years, news on this unique title was relatively quiet, until now.

Where is my Heart? is a frame-based, platformer in a retro style with modern conventions pieced into its gameplay. Die Gute Fabrik member Burnie Schulenburg mentioned that too many aspects of the game simply "didn't work" with the previous version that was supposed to be released in Sept. 2013. Where is my Heart? will now launch for PC on May 29 for $7.99. This new version of the game will feature new levels, a fixed UI, a level select system and changeable controls.