Looks like Watch Dogs finally has a real release date, and it looks like we'll be playing it just ahead of E3 2014.

It looks like the hype train for Watch Dogs is really firing up its engines. A trailer (spotted by CVG) leaked late last night showing us Aiden Pearce's back story and how he came to start his spree of revenge. It also happened to reveal the official release date for Ubisoft's delayed game. As a response, Ubisoft released the official trailer above, confirming Watch Dogs' May 27 release date. This is more than a month earlier than the one previously listed on the Sony Entertainment Network.

While it's cool to see Aiden use his phone to take out the power in a few city blocks, activate barricades to stop cop cars and even bring speeding trains to a halt, the most exciting bit of information comes at the end of the trailer.

So we might be getting our chance to run around Chicago with a suped-up phone of wonder a lot sooner than we thought. You can pre-order it now to pick it up on May 27 for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.