The Rob Zombie-looking T-Bone is back in Watch Dog's 10 new DLC missions set in the futuristic, tech-oriented version of Chicago.

The crazy and genius hacker Aiden Pearce met in Watch Dogs is back and playable for the first time ever in the Bad Blood downloadable content. Set after the game's main campaign, Raymond "T-Bone" Kenney needs to infiltrate Blume one last time so he can drop off the grid. Just before he's ready to disappear, he gets a call from Tobias Frewer, an old friend who is in desperate need of T-Bone's help.

Watch Dogs' Bad Blood DLC gives you access to Street Sweep contracts, which is a new type of side mission where you and a partner (whether an online friend or a random stranger), will work together to clear out various criminal gangs and strongholds. There will be exclusive weapons, outfits and perks for getting Bad Blood, including the use of T-Bone's remote-controlled car, "Eugene."

Watch Dogs' Bad Blood downloadable content will launch on Sept. 23 for those who purchased the game's Season Pass and Sept. 30 for all other players.