An Ubisoft employee may have accidentally leaked the existence of a sequel to last year's open-world hackfest, Watch Dogs, in an attempt to bolster his online resume. Ironically, the unintentional leak won't look very good to those potential hiring managers.

Julien Risse, a member of the Ubisoft development team in Paris, recently updated his LinkedIn page with his complete body of work, which includes a title we weren't expecting (courtesy of Destructoid). Risse writes that he's been a part of Ubisoft Paris since December of 2013, and that's he worked on one major project: "Watch Dogs/Bad Blood/Watch Dogs 2."

Ubisoft / Destructoid

While we clearly know about Watch Dogs and its downloadable chapter, Bad Blood, that last part is news to us. We hadn't heard of any sequel to Aiden Pearce's urban adventure, but Watch Dogs 2 is apparently in development and we ought to expect some kind of big reveal with this new sequel sometime in the future, perhaps even at E3 this June.

In all honesty, a sequel to Watch Dogs is not surprising in the least, considering that the game sold millions of copies around the world. However, this is the first Ubisoft acknowledgement of Watch Dogs 2 we've come across, and it's good to hear that we'll get another run with that hack-savvy world. We just hope that Mr. Risse will not be negatively impacted by what was clearly an honest mistake, as he has already removed the listing from his LinkedIn page.

We'll have more on Watch Dogs 2 and whatever that new game entails as more information releases.