If you're a Starcraft II player, you better get ready because custom maps are about to become completely insane with the addition of Warcraft III assets.

On its Starcraft II Community site, Blizzard has announced that its PTR (Public Test Realm) will be getting a ton of Warcraft III assets, which is pretty nuts. This will include, "over three thousand new materials for the amazing Arcade development community to work with, including new hero models for the 4 primary races, all of the original Warcraft III models including neutral creatures and their sounds as well as doodads, structures, spell effects, ambient sounds, music and custom user interfaces for each race."

If that wasn't enough of a reason for you to dust off your copy of Starcraft II, then maybe Blizzards "Memories of War" will convince you. Basically, Blizzard is looking to compile a spotlight of the best content from this mass migration of materials that it will then make available for the community to gawk over. The assets will be coming out on the PTR first, but don't worry. All you need to do to get a PTR account (and help Blizzard work out all the kinks of such a huge haul) is make an account.

Considering Warcraft III is often credited as making the MOBA genre what it is today, we're excited to see where these community artists will take their new custom map creations.

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