Hey, did you know season two of Telltale's The Walking Dead was coming to the PlayStation 4? You do now.

Fret not though PS3 owners with the ever important season one save file. Apparently Telltale is working with Sony to make carrying the save (and all your choices), over to the PS4. Speaking with IGN, Telltale executive producer Kevin Boyle discussed just how that would be possible.

"Season 2 will read what you did in Season 1 and that will tailor some of the things that happened in Season 2," Boyle said. "There will be a lot more social and in-between episode features for Season 2 that definitely exploit what the new platforms have to offer. We're super-excited about PlayStation 4 and what all the other big console manufacturers have in store."

When asked if that meant PS3 saves would transfer, Boyle evaded the answer as best he could. Fortunately, Telltale founder Kevin Brunner was also on hand, and offered a better response. "We're in close contact with Sony and they understand what is the secret recipe of The Walking Dead so expect that we'll be talking about it soon," Brunner stated.

It was previously expected that saves and games from the PlayStation 3 wouldn't carry over, but perhaps in this rare exception, Sony might be able to find a solution. This bodes well for not just Telltale, but other potential developers faced with the same dillema.