Mike Bithell, creator of Thomas Was Alone, is working on his next game, a stealth-action title called Volume. And now a new trailer shows us what to expect from this aural adventure.

The trailer features some pretty ethereal music and footage from a top-down perspective. The graphics are reminiscent of the old  Metal Gear Solid VR Missions or even 'Tron.' You'll be able to make sounds in order to draw guards away from your position. Classic misdirection is always the way to go in a stealth game.

You'll also be able to create your own levels, which you'll then be able to share with other players online. The aim of the game is to steal items while avoiding the guards. The colors used and the gameplay also call to mind Monaco, the recent multiplayer hit on Steam.

No platforms have been announced yet, but more information will be revealed at Gamecity 8 in Nottingham. For now, check out the video above and watch the action while you listen to the music of composer David Housden. Let us know what you think of Volume so far.