Previously only available on the PlayStation 4, Velocity 2X will soon find its way to the Xbox One and PC.

In case you have absolutely no idea what Velocity 2X is, FuturLabs' title is an arcade shooter where you take on the role of Lt. Kai Tana in an effort to kill as many alien invaders as possible. The game features super tight controls that makes the top-down vertical shooter and side-scrolling platform elements come together seamlessly. Though it was released late last year on PlayStation platforms, it seems that FuturLab decided it's not done with the sequel and now it's announcing that Velocity 2X will be releasing it for Xbox One and PC.

Sierra be publishing the game on Xbox One and PC, and it will also be bringing in some exclusives for those platforms. On either of these two new versions, you will be able to participate in special daily challenge stages, which will take the built-in leaderboard system to an entirely new level. This is especially good for speedrunners who want to try for not only their best score, but also the best score in general. These new versions will also include all the bonus stages from the Critical Urgency and the Dual Core DLC packs from Velocity 2X's original PlayStation versions.

So, get ready for Velocity 2X to come out on Xbox One and PC sometime this summer.

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