This new footage of Until Dawn features Fred and Daphne meeting a 'Saw'-like scenario.

This gameplay demo starts off with a pair of early 20-somethings exploring a dark building, looking for their missing friend. Ashley looks messed up and has blood splattered all over her, indicating that she encountered the killer's handiwork earlier in the house before the demo started. Chris and Ashley are friends who are both too shy to reveal their feelings for each other. You'll have the opportunity to bring them closer, or you can keep them apart as they interact with each other while investigating the building. These decisions get a lot worse when you factor in a bloodthirsty, serial killer on the loose.

Throw the two would-be lovebirds into a deathtrap where one must choose a lone survivor between the two, and the connections of friendship and love get a little bit blurry. The recorded directions for the deathtrap (which literally features a giant buzzsaw) made Until Dawn's reference to the 2004 horror film, 'Saw', all the more obvious.

Until Dawn is a PlayStation 4 exclusive and will launch sometime in 2015.

Until Dawn is keeping it creepy -- we like that.

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