Sony and Unity Technologies have struck a deal that will allow the Unity engine to be used to develop for all PlayStation platforms. Indie developers must be cheering!

The Unity Engine has long been used by big business and indie developers across the board. The ease with which game creators can port their title to different platforms makes the Unity Engine a popular choice. Before, Unity was relegated to PC and Mobile platforms. But now, Sony has struck an exclusive deal to support the Unity Engine across all of their PlayStation platforms from the PSP to the PlayStation 4.

Developers like EA and Square Enix use Unity for a number of their titles, but the really exciting part of this deal involves all the little indie developers we love so much. Suddenly, they'll have the ability to easily port their games over to PlayStation hardware without having to rewrite the source code. What does this mean for us? Well, it could mean a huge boom in independent titles available for download. A major roadblock to PlayStation development has been removed and hopefully we will see a renaissance of indie games on the PS4.

What do you hope that more independent developers will bring to the PlayStation platforms?