Rolento gets the spotlight in this latest trailer for Ultra Street Fighter 4.

They should call him "Violento" instead, because his moves are pretty darn brutal. Rolento is another Final Fight transplant who's made his new home in Street Fighter games. Armed with his staff, this ex-special forces fighter lets loose a barrage of acrobatic attacks and powerful special moves.

We're given a look at his Ultra Combos in the trailer above, both of which use his special tools of the trade, like a shower of grenades that cap off a staff-fueled combo and a beat-down that ends with a noose fashioned out of fiber wire. Rolento is a dangerous combatant indeed.

See him in action in the trailer and then look out for his appearance when he joins the roster in Ultra Street Fighter 4, which will be released this June on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.