Get ready to feel the sizzle in this new trailer for Ultra Street Fighter 4 that rounds up all of the new characters and features.

This English-subtitled trailer introduces us to all of the new fighters that are making their debut on the Street Fighter 4 stage, as well as offers us a glimpse into their arsenal of moves. We have the dance-fighting Elena, the weapons master Rolento, the whip-carrying Poison, the wrestler Hugo and then Decapre, with her claws. You'll be able to test out these new combatants across six new stages, one of which features a Jurassic Era Research Facility complete with T-Rexes in the background. We're hoping to see a cameo from Regina of Dino Crisis fame.

The rest of the trailer breaks down the new features, such as the two Ultra gauges, the absorption of the Red Focus Attacks and more. If you have Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition, you can upgrade to Ultra for only $14.99 in June. If you're going to be fresh to the experience, then expect to see it on store shelves for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for $39.99 and on PC for $29.99 in August.