There are going to be five new characters in Ultra Street Fighter 4, but the identity of the fifth has remained a closely guarded secret. However, new clues help us narrow down the search for the final fighter.

We already know Rolento, Poison, Hugo and Elena will be in USF4 when it arrives, but we've all be wondering about this fifth character. Sources offered some clues to Siliconera, which narrowed down the potential candidates. It will be a Capcom character, but it won't be Asura or Mega Man. This is a character no one is expecting, and it will the character's fighting game debut. The character will be a great fit for the Street Fighter universe, she's a female from the comic books produced by UDON.

So, knowing she's appeared in comics, we can whittle down the search to a few select candidates we think it might be. It could be any number of the Shadowloo Dolls, but Decabre makes the most sense. Ibuki's ninja buddy Sarai also makes a smart choice, as she's actually appeared in the games before in the background or in story scenes, but never as a fighter. Lita Luwanda and Eliza Masters are also options, though maybe not as viable as the other two.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 will be out in a few months, so hopefully we won't be waiting long to see who this final female combatant is. If you've got another guess, let us know your theory.