Good news for all you world warriors out there who love recording your own fights, Ultra Street Fighter 4 will do it for you! That's right, you can finally ditch your third party video capture kits, because Capcom finally got the hint. The newest remix of this previously rereleased Street Fighter will allow you to directly upload any match from your online battle log directly onto YouTube.

On the Capcom Unity, David Hinds posted that players will be able to select matches from their online library and can choose to upload it onto YouTube with either a low or high quality setting. Hopefully this becomes a standard for all of Capcom's upcoming games as we eagerly anticipate how their fighters will do once they make the jump onto next-gen consoles. Streaming has become a huge part of the culture over the past few years, and with the built-in capabilities of next-gen systems like the PS4, it's only going to continue to grow.

Be on the lookout for YouTube uploads, Poison, Hugo, Elena, Rolento and the mysterious fifth newcomer when Ultra Street Fighter 4 tags in for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in June.