According to Eurogamer, a band of Russian hackers managed to break through Ubisoft’s uPlay security. For those who don’t know, uPlay is Ubisoft’s digital distribution platform and PC game launcher.

The hack allows uPlay users to trick the service into thinking they own, essentially every game in Ubisoft’s library. Thus, ever single game becomes available to download free of charge with absolutely no DRM attached.

This apparently extends to games still in development, hence the ability to download Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Bear in mind, this game still hasn’t been announced yet! All footage of the game has currently been removed from Youtube, but you can still find some stragglers on Dailymotion and other video sharing sites.

The title is already showing up on several different torrent sites at this point, fully playable. This may mark the first time a fully playable game has been leaked before it was even announced.