Avert your eyes, because... wow, that's really creepy looking. Ubisoft is going to be addressing all those deformed and physics-defying glitches of Assassin's Creed Unity. 

Ubisoft has announced that its teams will be working on fixing the numerous glitches that fans have been finding throughout Assassin's Creed Unity. While a Day One update already addressed a few issues, there are still strange hiccups that players have been encountering. In particular, a strange glitch has been happening to many people that makes a talking character's face disappear, leaving only the eyes, hair, teeth and gums, and has been creeping everyone out during a few of the game's most pivotal cutscenes.

Other issues players have been reporting include Arno randomly falling on the ground after tripping on nothing (horror movie style), co-op sessions crashing at the beginning of a match, Arno getting stuck in hay and a laggy main menu. Frame rate issues, graphics/collision issues, matchmaking co-op issues and Helix Credits issues will be addressed in the future as well. Unfortunately, this is bound to happen when you have 10 different studios working on the same game.

The AC Unity team claims that the first of these updates should be released in a few days.


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