The creative teams at Ubisoft aren't sure if they want the next Far Cry game to have you fighting vampires, surviving a zombie apocalypse, exploring the future, taking out Peruvian drug lords or hunting in 'Jurassic Park'.

Ubisoft has sent out a survey to Far Cry fans to help determine the setting of a future game of the series, Eurogamer reports. A questionnaire was sent to fans of Far Cry 4 that asks for insight regarding the premise of the series' next title. The survey's potential ideas range from practical/interesting (surviving in the extreme areas of Alaska, fighting drug lords in Peru, a Vietnam-era shooter... again) to otherworldly (vampires, a 'Jurassic Park'-like island with dinosaurs, another planet with futuristic technology and more).

We had a feeling Ubisoft would hit a wall after its adventures with Kyrat -- Far Cry 4 helped expand the exotic locations and over-the-top gameplay that the series is known for, but where should it go from here? We'd love to see a first-person Spaghetti Western. Sure, there have been some great cowboy games over the years, but only a few first-person ones. Of course, Ubi could use some dino-DNA and go Turok-mode.

Stay tuned as we'll provide up-to-date coverage on this next Far Cry title once more information is available.