Ubisoft is working hard at fixing all the major issues that Assassin's Creed Unity still has from its release last week after already patching it twice.

The official Assassin's Creed website reports that Patch 2 has already gone live for Assassin's Creed Unity on PlayStation 4 and PC (with the Xbox One patch soon on the way), but Ubisoft is already working on Patch 3. This update is going to be much larger than the game's previous patches, addressing many of the numerous bugs that players have been reporting.

Patch 3 will fix gameplay issues like Arno getting stuck in hay carts, character animation glitches, camera hiccups and issues with the game's cover system. NPC animations, crowd movement and NPC navigation bugs should be resolved. Unity's connectivity and matchmaking are going to be fixed, as well as the game's HUD and menus (no more overlapping). Ubisoft is also addressing many of the instances that crashed the game in both campaign and co-op.

Ubisoft plans to be doing a lot more fixes with this update, so it hasn't released a full set of patch notes yet. The company admits that even after Patch 3 is released, Assassin's Creed Unity will still have many problems left. That leaves us wondering, why did Ubisoft release the game if it knew it would have so many problems? The same reason why Unity's reviews were embargoed across the map until 12PM of the game's release date -- money matters more than quality.

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