We'd love to see the Assassin's Creed franchise venture off into the ancient areas of Eastern Asia, and the worldwide Uplay director of Ubisoft thinks it could happen.

Ubisoft's Stephanie Perotti spoke to reporters about the Assassin's Creed franchise coming to Asia during the PlayStation China announcement last week, Kotaku reports. While Ubisoft obviously intends on bringing its flagship titles over to China, reporters were interested to hear about the possibility of an Assassin's Creed game set in China.

"I don't think that we said we weren't interested in Chinese history. I think that we notice a lot of stories—we want to have creativity to create the right story [within the right context]," Perotti told reporters. "If we have Assassin's Creed creators that want to spend time [understanding the history of the setting], we can understand Chinese history or Japanese history and make these games about history."

In an interview with IGN this past October, Alex Hutchinson, Assassin's Creed III's creative director, said that taking Assassin's Creed to Japan would be too familiar, deeming it unlikely that we'd see an Asian-themed entry of the series.

"Feudal Japan would work as an Assassin's game, for sure, but I feel like it would start to look like 'oh, have I played this?' You know what I mean - 'oh, I've been a ninja before, I've been a samurai before.'"

That's funny, Mr. Hutchinson -- we felt the same "I've played this before" nostalgia about the three Ezio games that all played a lot like the first AC title. The Assassin's Creed series has always stayed true to capturing the essence and soul of an ancient location and its civilization -- going to ancient China or feudal Japan would be a lot more than just another Tenchu title.