As one of the many games to get snapped up in the THQ bankruptcy sale that few people knew much about, Turtle Rock Studios' Evolve was one many of us were keeping our eyes on. When the people behind Left 4 Dead say they've got a new game in the works, people tend to pay attention. Now, Evolve has peeked its head out from obscurity, and we're dying to get our hands on this sweet new sci-fi shooter.

Evolve will make its grand debut in the next issue of Game Informer, which the magazine teased today. Now under the wing of 2K Games, Turtle Rock has designs on taking shooters to the next level on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. According to GI, Evolve is a multiplayer shooter where four hunters try to take down one person playing as an evolving alien monster. Each hunter has specific abilities, while the monster grows bigger and more powerful as the match progresses. Left 4 Dead's co-op was addictive as a shooter gets, and the competitive modes provided a great deal of entertainment. If Turtle Rock has managed to fuse the two into one cohesive title, Evolve might be the way we spend our Friday nights for a long time when it arrives in late 2014.

More details are expected soon, but you can learn more when the next issue of Game Informer hits stands and mailboxes in the coming weeks.