We think the teaser trailer for the upcoming game Turbolab Pursuit is just terrific. Take one look at it and you will be charmed. It's impossible not to be! The good news is that we won't have to wait long until we get to play it. The game drops in the App Store tonight.

Thanks to developer KoolFing and Bulkypix, Turbolab Pursuit is set to introduce gamers to the adventures of Professor West, a scientist who's trying to invent and perfect the automobile. For you see, in the world of Turbolab Pursuit, the automobile is a new thing.

But bad news for the professor: there's a group of mafia goons that want to use the auto for their own nefarious deeds. And that's where the core of this game lies. You must use your new car to speed away from the goons as fast as you can go. You can also retrofit your vehicle will all manner of loony, scientist-type weaponry, such as a turtle launcher and a melon cannon.

The levels in Turbolab Pursuit features are randomly generated, which means that no two play throughs will be the same. Look for it tonight in the App Store. It will be free to play!

Now about that charming trailer:.