Learn about the dangers of peer pressure in this public service announcement-styled trailer for Trials Fusion starring Erik Estrada.

Officer Ray, played by Erik Estrada of 'CHiPs' fame, warns kids about the way peer pressure can drive them to perform "highly undesirable civic behaviors." Some of these behaviors include throttling up with your friends and tricking out.

There's actually a lot more of Officer Ray in this video than actual gameplay or mention of Trials Fusion, but it's still a funny video in its own way. Of course, a lot of your enjoyment is contingent on how much you like Erik Estrada and whether or not you find him funny in the video.

Regardless of your feelings for Mr. Estrada, the video points out how you can hook up with three of your buddies to engage in some multiplayer mayhem in Trials Fusion, which will be available on Apr. 16 for PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The PC version will be available on Apr. 24.