The Trials' style of twists and flips in the midst of impossible jumps is finally arriving on the PlayStation 4.

Nothing beats standing atop your bike and doing an epic pose knowing you're about to fall to your doom, just to land the jump in the nick of time, and Ubisoft's official post on the PlayStation Blog has us waiting to do just that in Trials Fusion. Fusion's FMX Tricks System will allow you to do some absolutely brilliant, death-defying stunts. Be prepared to do moves like The Superman, Going Up and the Dead-Body with the amazing ragdoll physics system being utilized in Trials Fusion. Just look at some of the amazing feats you can pull off in this new trailer.

Trials Fusion is anticipated for a release date of April 16. It's digital download will cost $19.99, while its retail version will cost $39.99 but will also include a Season Pass for all its future updates and whatever downloadable content may come flipping its way. Fusion will be available on the PS4, Xbox One, PC and Xbox 360.