A major upgrade is coming soon to Trials Fusion, and developer RedLynx has detailed all of the changes coming via Ubisoft's online blog.

The post, written by creative director Antti Ilvessuo, details a "complete revamp" of the online multiplayer modes, as everything from the way it looks to the number of players per match will be changing. The biggest visual change is always seeing the player's driver at the front of the screen. That allows us to see every other player on the screen without blocking our own, which is actually a big help in the middle of the race. The change of perspective, according to the post, makes eight-player online matches possible for the first time in series history, and Ilvessuo says that "early tests already show it’s a blast."

What seems like a small change could end up being a really helpful addition to the Trials online experience, especially if we can now play against more people at once. Best of all, this content patch will be completely free of charge when it goes live later this year, meaning that all of the Trials faithful can experience the new multiplayer format without shelling out any money. In this day and age, that's a rare and beautiful thing.