Street Fighter just never seems to go out of style. That said, few companies have been able to sustain similar success to the video game with a toy franchise. Since NECA's attempt to revitalize the line SOTA abandoned in 2009, there hasn't been much in the way of Capcom-related combat sports figures. That's something Capo Toys hopes to rectify in 2014.

Hosted in a diminutive booth at Toy Fair, Capo Toys' Street Fighter line stood out amongst the neighboring throngs of scooters, science toys and plushes. Based on the designs from Street Fighter IV, Capo's first series includes Ryu, Sagat, Blanka, Guile and Chun-Li. The line will range from 6-9 inches (standing upright) with about 20 points of articulation depending on the figure. Each fighter in the line is scaled to Ryu, who weighs in at 7 inches. Sagat's a beefy 9 inches, and the size difference between the two fighters makes Sagat even more imposing than he already is. The ripped muscles and popping sinew really show in the sculpts, and little details like the creasing in Ryu's gloves or the slightly raised scar on Sagat's chest make these figures pop.

If you look closely at the figures, you'll notice Ryu and Sagat sport some fabric clothing. Not every figure will don a cloth gi or shorts, but those that do gain an added air or realism. Blanka might not be getting ripped shorts, but at least his hair will be fully articulated. The many spikes making up his unique coif will be poseable, allowing you to show off the more electric side of his personality. Additionally, fighters will come with a few accessories, though Capo didn't have any on display with the figures. Stands will not be part of the picture, but judging by the looks of the prototype figures, each fighter will have some weight to him. That should offer consumers enough flexibility to pose combatants however they see fit. Price points are yet to be worked out, but Capo is trying to hit the $20-30 range.

Capo's hoping to get to all 40+ fighters on the official roster, and has some plans in store for San Diego Comic Con exclusives, which is where the line is expected to officially debut for purchase. Though we weren't able to get any details on what those exclusives might be, we did learn there is already a Sakura figure in the works. Whether that means she'll be in series two remains to be seen, but if Capo has its way, it won't be long until fans can recreate some memorable matches on their shelves with one of the biggest and best rosters in fighting games.