We're just a few weeks into Tomb Raider's release, and Square Enix has already taken the time to analyze some key stats they've collected based on player tendencies and accomplishments.

A large component of Lara's new combat abilities stems from the bow and arrow she picks up early in the game. Hunting is a valuable resource for experience, which can then be used to become more adept at shooting other humans. According to Square, players have cut down 5,294,879 deer in the game, and laid waste to 1,417,750 (not so) deadly crabs.

All of that XP proved to be invaluable though, as archery seems to be the preferred method of death dealt by players controlling Lara's actions. 147,675,048 enemies have been killed by an arrow, with 20,601,083 torched by fire arrows. Not one to waste, Lara has also salvaged 356,988,302 arrows from dead bodies.

Exploration is also a major part of raiding tombs, and Square reported some 3,570,956 tombs have been uncovered by players in just the past few weeks. Though were it not for her ability to escape from duress 13,742,891 times, many of those tombs would still lay untouched.

Square promises more data as the year rolls on, and it will be interesting to see just what kind of information we can glean from player tendencies.