The Tomb Raider reboot has been either a great success or a terrible disappointment depending on who you ask at Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics.

Last week, Square Enix's president Yoichi Wada resigned after continually disappointing financial results. It came as quite a surprise then to learn these so-called disappointing results included 3.6 million copies sold for Crystal Dynamics' Tomb Raider. To make things even more puzzling, Crystal Dynamics' studio head Darrell Gallagher revealed the Tomb Raider reboot set a new franchise record for sales.

According to Gamespot, the new Tomb Raider not only sold the most copies in the franchise so far, but it also set a new mark for most first week sales. It's incredible then to still believe the game couldn't meet Square Enix's sales expectations. Though we still don't know what Square Enix estimated Tomb Raider's sales to be, that a franchise sales record couldn't meet them tells us just how unrealistic Square was about the whole process.

All that said, it's good to see a game with a female protagonist can still be a top seller. Hopefully Crystal will still be able to move forward with a sequel down the line, and we'll be able to continue enjoying Lara's adventures for a long time.