With the celebration of Tomb Raider's release, Lara Croft is getting her own action figure, and now the intrepid heroine has been immortalized in hip hop. Rapper Kadesh Flow has released the track "Not Going Anywhere" as a tribute to Croft, and the youth definitely has flow.

Although we're not too keen on Kadesh spitting his rhymes while reading the lyrics off his phone, he does lay down some solid verses. Credit goes to Kadesh for dropping the names Core Design and Crystal Dynamics in his rap, as well as mentioning explorer Werner Von Croy ("some of them want the glory for themselves/call them Von Croy").

Our favorite verse, however, is a rather easy and obvious one, but it still gets the job done: "Life lessons remain interactive like Eidos." If you want to download "Not Going Anywhere," check out Kadesh's bandcamp page.