It's tough not to feel really bad for Lara Croft every time we see a new Tomb Raider trailer, but we guess everyone has to go through some growing pains.

The 2012 VGA trailer for Tomb Raider gives us more of a look at Lara as she goes through a bad day of John McClane-esque proportions. Our reluctant heroine is shown climbing tall structures (presumably to perform a Leap of Faith), setting off explosions, firing arrows, and just generally being a badass.

There seem to be more story elements in this trailer as well. We're treated to some moments of downtime as Lara voices her doubts that she can be the type of Croft that can rise to occasions like the one in which she finds herself. If you look closely, you'll also see some glimpses of supernatural elements, or at least hints of the occult at play.

We're looking forward to helping Lara become the legend that she is in this reboot when it comes out on March 5, 2013. Check out the trailer from GameTrailers below and let us know what you think about the upcoming game.