It might not have a single player campaign, but Titanfall's lore on why there are giant robots and civilian militias fighting off the criminal forces of the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation is quite elaborate.

Titanfall's official website has finally let us in on how its story goes, and for a game whose story will be told via multiplayer matches, it's very perplexing. The Militia exists out on the Frontier, which exist far away from most civilized areas. The Frontier fight against the industrial conglomerate, Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation, who exploits the resources of the colonies out in the boonies without anyone to stop their tyranny.

The Frontier Militia is has three pivotal members: MacAllan, a Titan War vet who used to uphold peace for the IMC, but was cited with treason for voicing his opinion against the IMC's treatment of the Frontier citizens; Bish, your big, tech-support friend who is expected to guide your Titans on the ground via remote controls; and Sarah, who is the leader of the Militia Marauder Corps and has been heard communicating to the player on the gameplay videos of Titanfall we have previously seen.

Everything about these characters sound fine and dandy, but we can't wait to see how Titanfall will try to effectively tell an engaging tale once it reaches Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC on March 11. If you ask us, these three characters look an awful lot like Chris Redfield, the hacker girl from Assassin's Creed and Sammo Hung.

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