Whether or not Titanfall will actually have a single-player campaign, we are very curious as to how this mecha-shooter will handle its downloadable content. Luckily, EA has come forward to set the record straight as to what Respawn has planned for future Titanfall expansions.

According to CVG, Andrew Wilson, the CEO of EA, said that the downloadable content for Titanfall will be based on the how the players will engage its multiplayer. "We're planning extra content already for the product," Wilson said. "But in the nature of a large service, I think that will evolve over time as we see how the player base evolves through the year."

Extra content already planned for the product can most likely be interpreted as additional maps and levels being added to the multiplayer that are already being prepped as the first piece of DLC. Given EA's tendencies, we can assume that additional content could also be in the form of pre-order DLC and some form of exclusive unlockables for the Titanfall Collector's Edition.

"We haven't talked in detail about our Titanfall digital strategy but you're very familiar already with Battlefield 4 Premium," Peter Moore, COO of EA, stated during an investor call. "We expect that to be incredibly strong for us, as is Battlefield 4 typically as a catalogue title itself." Battlefield 4 Premium is a streamlined season pass for players who are absolutely addicted to the online multiplayer of Battlefield 4. Given the constant amount of updates, DLC and unlockable content added into Battlefield 4 Premium, applying the same strategy to Titanfall is shaping up to be an excellent idea and will help expand a game that is specifically geared towards multiplayer encounters.

Of course, Battlefield's DLC development had been put on hold thanks to the rough launch, and we have our fingers crossed the same thing won't happen with Titanfall in a few months. The last thing a major exclusive like this needs is the same online issues that plagued several EA titles like BF4 and SimCity over the past year.

Titanfall is due out on March 11 for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC and we expect to see open beta around Valentine's Day.