Respawn Entertainment have hooked up with Playfight in order to bring us a meld of CG, gameplay and live action to celebrate Titanfall's release.

Is your body ready? Because your Titan is ready. Well, at least that's what this site that's counting down to the release of Titanfall and the debut of the video collaboration is saying.

Playfight, headed by Director William Chang, is a studio who is responsible for working on projects such as 'Video Game High School' and 'Call of Duty: Operation Kingfish.' Respawn Entertainment has joined forces with them to create a video experience set within the universe of Titanfall.

A countdown on the site ticks down to the release of Titanfall and with it, the debut of the live-action video. You can visit the site to sign up for updates and to await the launch of both the game and video.

Titanfall will be released for PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on March 11, 2014.