A lead engineer at Respawn Entertainment has let it be known that Titanfall was not initially planned for a next-gen release on the Xbox One.

Eurogamer reported that Richard Baker, the lead engineer at Respawn Entertainment, has stated that initially there were no plans to bring Titanfall over to the Xbox One. Baker mentioned that games developed with next-gen systems and the PC format all in mind will result a more optimized PC version. "Originally we weren't planning on an Xbox One version of the game," Baker said. "I'm certain that having an Xbox One version has made our PC version much better - it justified the effort in moving to DX11 and even 64-bit."

Baker also reflected on the use of Twitch for getting real-time feedback from people partaking in Titanfall's various stages of beta testing. Respawn carefully followed Twitch broadcasts to see the varying degree of responses and expressions people were giving off as they were playing the beta, just to measure the level of surprise and emotions player attached with Titanfall's gameplay in its early stages.

In related news, VG247 reported that Drew McCoy, a producer on Titanfall, has been Tweeting back and forth with fans in order to clarify what's on the way. Some of these future updates include private lobbies and a companion app (most likely using the Xbox Smartglass application). High-end PC users can look forward to having the 60 frames per second cap removed in order to maximize how smooth their graphics can be. On the other hand, McCoy also told one Twitter follower to not expect more players being incorporated onto each map, because there would simply be too many changes required to do so in order to alter the number of playable characters per map.