A new video featuring a brief interview with a member of Respawn Entertainment, developer of the upcoming Titanfall, reveals a few interesting details about the game and its conception.

In the video, British actors Matt Littler and Darren Jeffries interview Respawn Entertainment producer Dew McCoy at Gamescom 2013 about Titanfall. Though it's a new studio and Titanfall will be its first title, it's looking like a very big, ambitious debut game.

The most interesting part of the video was when we're told how the concept of the Titans was born and how it developed into the game we know today. Apparently the Titans started out as a power suits that players could wear, but then turned into gigantic mechs with hands, fingers and the ability to grab players, be they friendly or otherwise.

Watch the video above to get a peek into the multiplayer and the bonus epilogue round in which the winning team can hunt down the losers. Look out for Titanfall on PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One early in 2014.