Here's a video that shows us how the team at Respawn Entertainment created the mighty Titans in Titanfall.

Jessica Chobot sat down with the team at Respawn to go over how they crafted the Titans and what kinds of thoughts went into their creation. Joel Emslie, an artist who worked on the design of the Titans, wanted to infuse the giant robots with personalities. He essentially wanted to make them more than just big, walking weapons.

The Stryder, Ogre and Atlas Titans were all created with different features and personalities in mind, all of which reflect in their designs. The Atlas, for example, is sort of the all-around, mid-tier Titan that has no real specialties but gets the job done. The Ogre, according to game director Steve Fukuda, is the "more slow, but heavily-shielded, heavily-armored of the bunch." This thing is meant to soak up damage and dish it right back. The Stryders, on the other hand, are more mobile, but lack the defenses that the Ogre boasts.

Emslie cited anime he had watched over the years as part of the inspiration for the Titans, saying he wanted to infuse that "Japanese flair" to the Western design of the mechs in Titanfall. Watch the video above to see more on the creation of the Titans and look out for the game when it drops (get it?), on March 11, 2014 for PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.