Later today, Titanfall will be getting an automatic update that will add the ability to host private matches and will alter some of its more difficult achievements.

Respawn Entertainment's official Twitter has revealed that Titanfall will be getting an update later today that will reduce some of the requirements for Titanfall's more difficult achievements. More importantly, this update will give players the ability to host private matches. While this may not seem like a big deal, this will most likely give players the ability to fully explore the various maps Titanfall has to offer, so you can wall-run and double jump your way through each stage in order to find the perfect spots for you to get your kill on.

The Gen 5 challenge requirement, "Gooser," which originally required players to kill 50 pilots as they ejected from their Titans, has been reduced to 5 pilots. Respawn realizes that this was extremely hard to pull off and that certain unique parameters must be set in order to actually get a kill on an ejecting pilot, which has resulted in not many players being able to achieve this. The dedicated few who have earned the Gooser achievement already will be getting a special bonus of recognition as the original achievement will be changed to its lower requirement.