A new Titanfall trailer has dropped from the sky showing off the latest maps coming to the multiplayer shooter, and those looking to wage war in these new arenas won't have to wait much longer at all.

The three new maps, Backwater, Zone 18, and Sand Trap, make up the IMC Rising Map Pack, the last one included in the Titanfall Season Pass. Backwater is set in a hidden colony known with varying heights of terrain, adding the element of "death from above" to battles. Zone 18 is an advanced robotics facility with a central supply path and rooftops allowing for quick views of the entire area. Finally, Sand Trap is an IMC facility with giant open areas and paths that will require players to hone their wall-running skills.

This last map pack rounds out the entire roster of Titanfall maps pretty well, but we're still holding out hope for some kind of single-player DLC. As much as we enjoyed playing Titanfall online against other people, we feel like the lack of a true campaign mode really hurt the overall experience. Should Titanfall receive a sequel, we hope this oversight is remedied.

The IMC Rising pack for Titanfall is coming Sept. 25 (that's tomorrow!) for Xbox One and PC. No date yet for the Xbox 360 version.