Electrified fog, tower defense and Marked for Death Pro are just some of the new features coming to the next big update for Titanfall.

According to Kotaku, Frontier Defense Mode is being added into Titanfall. Frontier Defense is a four-player co-op mode akin to the Horde Mode featured in games like the Gears of War series. While this doesn't make up for Titanfall's underwhelming plot, we're glad to get an official cooperative mode to the game that isn't solely focused on player-vs-player combat. Frontier Defense Mode uses previously existing maps and has player defending towers from waves of computer-controlled enemies. You'd best believe that there will be AI-controlled Pilots and Titans for you to fight as well. You can set up automated gun turrets, strategically place your Titans at important locations and fight from a drop ship hovering over the battlefield that is normally used as your escape during the end of a fight.

It's expected that Frontier Defense Mode will be included within the next big Titanfall update, which will also include the Marked for Death Pro and Deadly Ground Modes. Deadly Ground has the ground covered with an electric fog, encouraging you to use wall-running and jumping to stay up high to avoid the fog's damage.

Stay tuned as we'll let you know when these new modes will be hitting Titanfall once Respawn Entertainment releases more info. Based on the previous updates, we would expect the PC and Xbox One versions of the game to get these new modes before the Xbox 360 edition.