Prepare to get some sand in your shorts from Titanfall's newest map.

Respawn Entertainment has unveiled the newest map coming out for Titanfall: Sand Trap, which is a part of the IMC Rising map pack. Sand Trap is filled with open areas that have even leveling, which means there are plenty of open areas for Titans to dominate and not that many places for Pilots to hide.

Luckily, there are a few trenches and hills to help provide a little cover. In the center of the map will be a bunker along with some of Fracture's buried infrastructure. The map will be optimal for Last Titan Standing, Capture the Flag and 8v8 Pilot Skirmish.

IMC Rising is priced at $9.99. It will be free to download for those who purchased Titanfall's season pass. IMC Rising is due sometime this fall and will include the Backwater, Sand Trap and Zone 18 maps.