These new achievements being added into the Titanfall: Expedition DLC are going to have you wall-running all over the place.

Respawn Entertainment has announced that the Xbox Live achievements for the Titanfall: Expedition are going live today. A crisp 200 new achievement points are being added with today's update for the Xbox One version of Titanfall and PC. Xbox 360 users will have to wait until major game update #4, which is coming soon, to try and earn these new achievements.

The new achievements, their prerequisites and their achievement point payoffs include the following:

  • Blood Water: Kill 200 enemies on Runoff - 30g
  • Runoff Connoisseur: Played every game mode on Runoff – 10g
  • Side Pipe: Kill 25 enemies while wall running on Runoff – 20g
  • Runoff Victor: Won a match on Runoff – 5g
  • Swampland Connoisseur: Played every game mode on Swampland – 10g
  • It's Safer Here: Don't touch the ground for 60 seconds on Swampland – 20g
  • Tree Runner: Be airborne for 500 Meters on Swampland – 30g
  • Swampland Victor: Won a match on Swampland - 5g
  • War Games Connoisseur: Play every game mode on War Games – 10g
  • Faded: Killed 12 Pilots in a single match on War Games – 20g
  • Super Faded: Kill 100 Pilots on War Games -35g
  • War Games Victor: Won a match on War Games – 5g

The Titanfall: Expedition DLC contains the War Games, Runoff and Swampland maps. It costs $9.99 on its own and is also a part of Titanfall's Season Pass, which is priced at $24.99 and will have two other DLC map packs included.

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