A representative from Respawn Entertainment has hinted at what we should expect in Titanfall's upcoming downloadable content.

IGN recently spoke with Abbie Heppe, community manager at Respawn Entertainment, in regards to Titanfall's debut and what could possibly be on the way in the form of DLC. About the topic of the monsters that were featured in the Titanfall artbook, Heppe stated, "we are going to have maps added, and we’re trying to give players as much of a varied look at things as we can so that is definitely a possibility."

Unfortunately, on the topic of additional Titan models being added into the game, Heppe explained that Atlas, Stryder and Ogre aren't going to get a fourth mech rival anytime soon. "In order to [add a Titan] it takes so much balancing to make all the Titan abilities work with each other, and then against pilots. It’s a huge undertaking," Heppe said. "So, I’m not announcing any new Titans right now."

On the topic of Respawn making Titanfall sequels and other games in general for other consoles, Heppe stated, "Vince, our CEO, has come out and said that while we’re exclusive for this game, it doesn’t limit us regarding console exclusivity for any of the future things we do."

We're having plenty of fun with Titanfall right now as it is, but new wrinkles like more aggressive wildlife would sure make the DLC feel like more than just a new setting to fight in.