A few scant details about Titanfall's upcoming downloadable content and new games modes have been offered by Respawn Entertainment's Vince Zampella.

Some intrepid Titanfall fans recently took to Twitter to ask Zampella about the details of Titanfall's upcoming DLC, as well as the game modes that are to be added to the game.

Zampella's reply to the somewhat rude tweet was met with praise, as was the news that the new modes will be free of charge. As Zampella said, these new modes will not be part of any DLC, most likely being implemented in an upcoming update.

And while DLC is coming, Zampella has not confirmed an official date for the first batch's release. He has, however, confirmed that it will cost $10. This will be the first of three DLC updates. If you purchase the Season Pass, you'll save money and get all three pieces of DLC for $25. Hopefully more details will be on the way soon.