With a launch less than two months away, Respawn is looking to get some early feedback on its upcoming multiplayer shooter, Titanfall. The good news is, you'll be able to help the developer out by participating in the alpha.

Invites were sent out via email to a select group of potential applicants announcing the alpha, but even if you didn't get one, you'll still be able to sign up. All you have to do is log in with your Origin account, and you'll be added to the pool of possible early birds, too. Once you've applied, the prompts state those chosen will receive more information via email on how to download and play Titanfall on the Xbox One.

The alpha is currently only planned for the Xbox One version of Titanfall, though the PC and Xbox 360 will also be getting the anticipated new IP. Curiously, the Xbox 360 version has yet to be seen by anyone publicly, with Respawn focusing on the Xbox One version to this point. Not that that's a bad thing... for Xbox One owners.

Those of you with Xbox 360s eagerly anticipating all the action you've been seeing in previews and videos still have no idea how it will translate. We still don't even know what developer is working on the 360 version, as Respawn has been solely focused on the PC and Xbox One versions. It's a shame because there's a huge audience out there that has no idea what the game everyone is so hype for will look like on their consoles. There's not much time left for Respawn to show off the Xbox 360, but at least those of us with Xbox One's can look forward to hopefully taking part in the alpha when it begins.

Titanfall is due out on March 11 for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.