Game Update Six goes live for Titanfall today, adding the new, Titan-free Pilot Skirmish mode for all of you to run amok.

The new update is now live across all platforms and features two big new game modes: Pilot Skirmish and Marked for Death. In Pilot Skirmish, you'll be able to run around without the threat of Titans dropping in every other second. That means that it's just you and your sweet parkouring and shooting skills versus everyone else's in an 8v8 shootfest. Unfortunately, this mode will not be included in the Variety Pack playlist.

Marked for Death has also become a permanent game mode, so fans can now enjoy it around the clock. Three colorblind options have been added as well, which affect IFF glows, crosshair colors and names above heads.

Players wanting to up their bonuses during matches can now buy Burn Cards individually from the Black Market Daily Deals. Keep in mind that the selection shifts and that prices may vary. Speaking for Burn Cards, the new Burn Card Auto Fill will ensure that you never step into a match without a few bonuses, just in case you forget.

One of the cooler, although more minor changes is that joining a game late will no longer be penalized, meaning that joining a team that's losing halfway through a match won't result in you getting a loss on your record. By the same token, you'll get a win if you join a winning team during a match. Sounds peachy to us!

Go check out the updates now and go here to see some of the minor improvements and optimizations.