If you're looking for more exotic instruments of death and gear that will help you get an edge in Titanfall, then you should spend your hard-earned in-game cash in the Black Market.

An update on the Titanfall website alerts us to the addition of the Black Market, an in-game store that sells Burn Cards and Titan Insignias. You'll be able to purchase these items with brand new currency called "Credits." These Credits can be earned through the following: Match Victory, Match Completion, First Victory of the Day, Completing Daily Challenges, Selling Burn Cards and after level 50, a percentage of your earned XP will be converted into Credits to use in the Black Market.

The Black Market opens up for players after they've hit level 11 and can access the Burn Card menu. It's also available even after regeneration, so there's no worries about your Credits becoming useless for another 11 levels again. As a closing statement, David Shaver, Designer at Respawn Entertainment, promises that Titanfall will never have microtransactions and that the Credits system will only serve to increase enjoyment of the game.