Android and Google Play are narrowing their app gap with Apple one title at a time. The latest game to make its way over is Tiny Legends: Heroes, the casual dungeon crawler follow-up to TinyLegends - Crazy Knight.

Much like in the iOS version of Tiny Legends: Heroes, you are tasked with the duty of taking on the evil Dark Lord in order to save your land. To do so, you must assemble a team of three bite-sized heroes, each with their own special powers.

There are 70 dungeon levels to romp through and you can do it all for free! Coincidentally, the iOS version of Tiny Legends: Heroes is also free and has remained so since we highlighted it in our Free App of the Day section last month.

And since we're such stand-up guys here, we'll link you to both the App Store and Google Play versions of the game.

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