On a normal day HoverBot Tic spends his time careening through space on his unicycle. But one fateful day, a wormhole ripped open and dragged Tic into a whole other dimension! That's where you come in and where Tin Man Can becomes a game. Help Tic make his way through four strange worlds and gather enough hovatrons and fuel cells to get home in one piece. Download a copy of Chillingo's Tin Man Can -- today's Free App of the Day!

Hover, unicycle, and jetpack your way to safety using simple tap controls and Tic’s limited fuel supply. Glide over gaping chasms and use spring pads, boosters, and Tic’s propeller to float to safety. Take on a friend in head-to-head online multiplayer. Play through levels from the solo campaign and climb the leaderboards with your record times.

Pop by the Hover Shop to spend your hard-earned hovatrons on over 60 items. Peruse new wheel designs, kit out your exhaust with decorative fumes, or fork out some hovatrons on handy cheats.

Pull your head out of the soil and get yourself a copy of Tin Man Can today for your iPhone and iPad!