A new teaser for BioWare's unknown project has arrived, and the more teasers that come out, the weirder things get.

In this 30 second video, called "Impact," a young girl stands outside on a sunny day, continuously chanting, "It's not my fault," as she looks at an obliterated house, sounding something like this. It looks like the house has sunk into the ground, but it could have very well blown up too. We're not really sure what happened to the house, but it sure as heck isn't a house anymore.

With three teasers out now and GamesCom next week, we've come to the conclusion that we're going to find out what this game is all about next week at the German game convention. The safe bet is that this will be BioWare's new IP that was mentioned during the EA E3 conference in June, and that's supported by EA filing a trademark for "Shadow Realms" recently. However, BioWare has been known to tease misdirections, so we're going to hold off on our predictions until GamesCom next week.

BioWare is specifically teasing their own fan event during the show, which will be in the Cologne Marriott Hotel on Aug. 13 at 3-7PM CEST. There will be a livestream on Twitch at 4PM CEST for those not in attendance, so keep an eye on it for breaking BioWare news.